Solaris / Illumos NAS in a mixed AD - NIS environemnt.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use a NAS based on Solaris or Illumos with SMB and NFS shares.

SIOC / StorageRM causes very high traffic on SAN datastores

Excessive and unexplained READs on iSCSI and FC datastores observed on ESXi hosts.

Migrate VMs in ESXi free version

ESXi free version is a great hypervisor for tests and labs, however it lacks some of the key features provided by VMWare's commercial products.

Disk Timeouts for SAN storage

During a failover from one node to the partner, VMs residing on NFS datastores or LUNs connected to Hypervisors (ESXi, RedHat, Hyper-V) can experience short disk timeouts, sometimes resulting in VMs being paused, IOs freezes or application crashes.

Create home directories at login

In some situations it is important that home directories are created at login if they don't exist. Such scenarios include NIS or AD authentication, or when a local user is created without the -m option.

Identify sar -d devices in Solaris and Linux

Sar is one of the most powerful performance measuring tools available for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris or Illumos based distros, one of the issues most people encounter is mapping the disks when using sar -d.

Set up a NIS server - client

Network Information Service (NIS) is a protocol developed by Sun to allow one to defer user authentication to a server.